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One Piece Favorites: Haki
"Haki is a power that lies dormant in all of the world’s creatures. Presence, fighting spirit, and intimidation— it is not different from the things that humans can naturally sense such as these. "The act of not doubting," that is strength!"


The Rising Drama CD has been translated courtesy of anon! There’s rising spoilers that crops up instantly so be aware.


Fragaria virginiana (Wild Strawberry)


Satoshi Kon - Editing Space & Time

Insightful tribute to the great Japanese animator director Satoshi Kon who died 4 years ago this week. Tony Zhou has put together a short video essay to present the sophisticated editing style and scene compositioning of Satoshi which has inspired many well known Hollywood productions - video embedded below:

Four years after his passing, we still haven’t quite caught up to Satoshi Kon, one of the great visionaries of modern film. In just four features and one TV series, he developed a unique style of editing that distorted and warped space and time. Join me in honoring the greatest Japanese animator not named Miyazaki.

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原寸大と3倍にしたスージーQ。ドットを投稿する時は写真投稿より文章に添付の方が 扱いやすい気がします。2部で一番好きな戦いはワムウ対ジョセフです。